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The product description is one of the most important aspects of your online shop when it comes to conversion. Our focus is always on Words that speak to and focus on the buyers. This shows the difference between you and the competition. Words allow us to tell stories and create connection between product and buyer.


A good product description describes the product's features and benefits, acknowledges the problem it solves, and declares why it's the best product for the job.


Must Have's

✅Buyer personas

✅Features and benefits 

✅Reflect brand’s language

✅Bullet points

✅Use more images 

Our Focus

✅Use influential words

✅Optimize copy for search engines

✅Unique value proposition

✅Create a buying desire

✅Optimize for mobile

Our Works

We have written product contents for brands in almost all the niche's like Fashion, Home improvement, Pets, Kids, Food & drinks.

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